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Ahimsa Chiropractic is our unique form of chiropractic adjustment which has as its underlying principal, non-harm to the tissues. Ahimsa is based on gentle forces applied in a manner harmonious with the body and its needs. The applied principal is performed slowly and is more comfortable and tolerable for many suffering from joint and muscle pain as well as reducing or eliminating nerve interference.

Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word meaning non-injury or kindness with respect to the tissues of the body.


Ahimsa is an important tenet of the Indian philosophy. Ahimsa essentially means kindness and non-violence towards other beings including the muscles and joints. A fundamental distinction between Ahimsa Chiropractic and contemporary chiropractic is the importance placed on the health of the practitioner. "Physician heal thy self " is our fundamental axiom.

Contemporary Chiropractic, like its counterpart in medicine, has as its basis quick remedies using forces applied rapidly. Ahimsa replaces speed with gentle slower forces, the force applied is regulated determined by the patient, not the practioner. The healing process is supplemented with herbs and dietary counseling eliminating the need for unnecessary drugs. While modern medicine uses pharmaceuticals to affect the body chemistry, patients should be wary of quick resolutions to joint dysfunctions which have adverse consequences. While contemporary chiropractic does not condone the drugs and other biochemical toxins used to establish a new chemistry in the body, we replace the necessity for drug use with anti-inflammatory herbal supplements.

Typically, attention is paid to how the patient is feeling after adjustment, when it may be more appropriate to see how the patient feels days, weeks or even months after the chiropractic adjustment. Ahimsa chiropractic practically ensures the patient will feel better after the adjustment, have less stress in their bodies, and sleep better.

Just as in medicine, when a patient takes a drug or toxin into their body, they may feel some immediate relief, what are the long term consequences. This fact should not be overlooked.

For instance, when someone takes aspirin for back pain they are likely to get some relief for their discomfort; however, the long term consequences may have ill effects. Continued use of aspirin can produce ulcers of the small intestines or stomach. This is something the commercials need to emphasize when encouraging consumers to purchase aspirin for the prevention of heart disease. These consumers have an increased likelihood of becoming gastro-intestinal patients in the future. We provide out patients with the herb, white willow bark, from which aspirin was derived.

Consider A.C.W.C. for your chiropractic care. We assure you you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

With regard to long term effect, ,Contemporary chiropractic adjustments can also have some long term adverse consequences to the joints of the body.

Ahimsa Chiropractic is performed in a similar way as contemporary Diversified and Gonstead techniques used by most chiropractors. The principal distinction between present-day chiropractic approach and ancient Ahimsa Chiropractic is the duration of the adjustment and amount of force used. Ahimsa is practiced with the focus on long term benefits rather than short, quick fixes. Great emphasis is placed on biochemical changes in the patient's body as a result of correcting the thinking and dietary patterns, and also including specific exercises that designed to empower and help heal the body and to experience the Gd given birth-rite to live in a pain-free body.

If you are interested in being free from joint and muscle pain and having optimum health and well-being; if you know that financial constraints should not prevent you from experiencing perfection, which is your birth-rite, please give us a call. (404) 349-8221.

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